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Coding at school

Do pupils have to learn how to code?

Certainly not! But they could.

It offers a good opportunity to deal with the topic in an action-oriented and product-oriented way.

With the App Inventor 2 tool, it is very easy to introduce young people to the coding of smartphone apps.
At the same time, elementary knowledge of computer science can be imparted.

Which smartphone user doesn't even want to develop and implement his own app? Or maybe you just want to look behind the scenes to understand how apps for smartphones actually work.

My idea is to motivate learners to engage in developing and programming apps. The target group here are beginners in the programming of apps and also in programming in general.

First, learners are introduced to the simple development environment and then gradually acquire more and more knowledge that will enable them to program and try out quite sophisticated programs (apps).

It gives pride and satisfaction to try out your own app on your smartphone, show friends or even publish it in the Playstore.

As a teacher, of course, I have another ulterior motive.
By the way, I would like to communicate important topics of computer science. Standard algorithms, data types, event control and an object-oriented view are discussed.
At the same time, the students are introduced to the general principles of computer science and may be prepared to continue working on programming and other programming environments.

My book can be used for self-study and as a companion material in school classes or coding workshops. It could also be made available to pupils in school libraries.

And with Thunkable X cross platform app development


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